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Can v do romance in the midnigh 2day? I'm in a gud mood:) Just a little bit of kissing n bitin!! Reply me soon, urs Loving Mosquito.

A friend is like a pillow u can hug when ur in trouble, cry when ur in pain and embrace when ur happy, when u need a friend a pillow

A baby monkey asked his mother"Mom, why r we so ugly"???Mom said - Thank GOD we look like this, u should see the person reading this SMS ! ! !

I cannot hide this from u any more.
I don't want 2 hurt u
and I feel it's best if I tell u,
before you hear it from someone else
Potato Prices Have Gone Up !

I chased love i found friendship,i chased desires i found hopes, i chased reality i
found dreams, i chased a monkey and i found you.

You = Lovely
You = Perfect
You = Beautiful
You = Amazing
You = sweet
You = Cute
You = gorgeous
You = Fantastic
You = Fabulous
me = lier! :)

so sweet is ur smile,
so sweet is ur style,
so sweet is ur talk,
so sweet is ur walk,
c how sweetly i lie!!!!

YOU are very cute becos in my dictionary Cute means...
C - Causing
U - Un-necessary
T - Trouble
E - Everywhere

This is not fair!
How could u do this? Didn't expect this from you!
Got a whole Channel on your name and didn't even tell me?

Hello DEAR
Where R U
No Visits...,
No Calls....,
No SMS from Wik,
No Missed calls,
I M So worried...
Are U n JAIL again?
Pls r e p l y!

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