Hello ! This is our ATD ( Any Time Disturbance ) service,
v r d expert in disturbing & irritating people at busy hours.
Our goal has been achieved.Thanks

Heartbeat are countless
spirits are ageless
dreams are endless
memories are timeless
and friend like u are useless

Only eyes speak the truth,neither the mirror nor the lips,the person who loves u ,can see pain in ur eyes,while everyone else still bellieves in ur smile

Good behaviour can cover the lack of good looks

But good looks can never cover the lack of good behaviour

So keep ur behaviour at the best level..

OncE A Guy wHo recenTLy hAd a brEaKoff with Her giRL friend
was aSkEd ….HAv U leFt uR girL frieNd or sHe left u???
He smileD And answerED..
L0vE LefT us!!!

Whenever you feel sad!
think of me & say"Sandy"is soOo sweet.."
U will smile automatically!
Make it a habit.
Such Bolne se Rooh ko sakoon milta hai:-)

teacher- why are you sleeping in the class?
student- your voice is so sweet that is why i am getting sleep.
teacher- then why other student are not sleeping?

student- b'coz they are't lissing to you mam...

Words r Under Ur Control Once U Speak Them
But U Come Under Their Control Once U Speak Them

Positive thinking is a bit like this: a little bird in the sky u look up it shits in ur eyes, u dont mind u, dont cry, u just thank god that, cows dont fly!

never mind people when they say you''re mad, cause they always mean to say that you

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