Best Beauty Benefits Of Beetroot Juice For Perfect Glowing Skin Hair and Health

Beetroot juice has been elevated to the status of a super-food owing to its many benefits. But, did you know that it can boost your stamina? Or remove blemishes from your skin?Beetroot juice has some rather surprising benefits to offer for your skin, hair, and health. 

Beetroot juice has been elevated to the status of a super-food owing to its many benefits. But, did you know that it can boost your stamina? Or remove blemishes from your skin?Beetroot juice has some rather surprising benefits to offer for your skin, hair, and health. 

Do check yourself for any allergy or side effects by taking small quantity of juice initially. You can also dilute the beetroot juice with water or with other fruit juice to avoid any side effect.


Why You Should Have Beetroot Juice

Nutritional Value

A glass of beetroot juice usually contains:

  • 58 calories
  • 3 g of carbohydrate (9 g sugar and 4 g fiber)
  • 2 g protein

Vitamin And Mineral Percentages

Beetroots provide recommended daily dosages of:

  • 1 percent Vitamin A
  • 2 percent Calcium
  • 11 percent Vitamin C
  • 6 percent Iron

The following are some reasons why you should consider having a glass of beetroot juice daily to benefit your skin, hair, and health.

  • Beetroot juice gives acne and pimple free skin

    Beetroot is rich in skin enhancing nutrients and very effective for oily and acne prone skin. Drinking beetroot juice regularly helps prevent acne and pimples from popping up on the face as beetroot has anti-inflammatory properties.
    If you do not like the strong taste of beetroot, you can add cucumber, orange or carrot juice to your beetroot juice recipe.

    If you are fed up of those scars that acne usually leaves behind, well, try applying beetroot juice and curd in 2:1 tablespoon proportion and acne will dry up in no time and no scar!

  • Detoxification and avoidance of premature aging

    Rich in iron, beetroot juice purifies your bloodstream and keeps it free of toxins and excess water retention. Consuming a glass daily gives you a blemish-free glowing fair skin. For supple skin, you can apply some juice on the skin daily. This removes the dead cells on the skin and brings the new skin to the top.

  • Beetroot and glowing skin:

    Beetroot juice being a rich source of iron, vitamins and minerals can give you healthy and glowing skin. If inner body is healthy, it is sure to reflect on the outside. Drinking a glass of beetroot juice regularly helps cleanse the body of toxins. It purifies blood, and lead to a healthy glowing skin.

    Also, applying this juice on face keeps it soft and supple just as a flower petal is! The radiant glow on the face is basically because beetroot helps remove the dead cells and replaces them with new ones.

  • Prevents Signs Of Aging

    Beetroot juice is an excellent source of antioxidants, which is why its topical application has anti-aging effects. Although oxidation is a crucial process, it produces free radicals that can cause damage at a cellular level, which results in signs of aging. The antioxidants present in beetroot juice neutralize these free radicals, and help prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Skin lightening and fair skin with beetroot

    Dream of getting that fair complexion but scared to try the harmful chemically induced beauty products that the market offers? Well, beetroot is your safe bet then! Drinking the juice regularly and applying 1 tbsp of beetroot juice mixed with 1 tsp of lemon juice for 15 minutes before washing it off at night before you go to bed will work wonders towards lightening your skin complexion. 

  • Blemishes and dark spots free skin

     Yes, beetroot works amazingly well to remove any dark spots or blemishes from the skin. Just mix it with little tomato juice and apply it on the spots. Alternatively, go ahead and mix up a little beetroot juice with your regular clay mask and see the positive result on those blemishes. They will disappear in no time with routine application. Beetroot is a natural blood purifier, so also treat the cause from inside the body.

  • Goodbye dark circles

    Stress at work or home, insufficient sleeping hours can lead to dark circles and puffy eyes. Regularly applying beetroot juice helps lighten up the dark circles and the puffy eyes. You will feel a lot of relief with the soothing agents present in beetroot juice.

  • Minimization of hair loss and baldness

    If you are suffering from hair loss or receding hair leading to baldness, applying beetroot juice mixed with ginger can be a wonderful remedy. This combination has been known to drastically lessen hair loss and baldness. Additionally, because the juice has Vitamins B and C, proteins, phosphorus, potassium and calcium in abundance, blood circulation in the scalp increases greatly and triggers the growth of hair better.

  • Put off itchy scalp related problems

    Beetroot juice has always been well-known for its antipruritic properties. When a little vinegar is added to the juice, the combination works as a very effective solution for the itchy and dry scalp. Using this concoction regularly keeps problems like psoriasis and dandruff at bay.

  • Natural soft lips and pinkish skin

    Lovely pink, soft lips and a beautifully blushing skin can be achieved as simple as just applying beetroot juice. Yes, you heard it right, go ahead and apply beetroot juice generously to your lips every night before going to bed. And within a few days you will have luscious pink lips!

    A natural blush on the skin is very much possible too by using beetroot juice. Mix it up with equal proportion of carrot juice and apply it all over your face once a day regularly. There you have it, a naturally blushing skin! Drinking half a glass of beetroot juice daily will help you to get beautiful, pink skin and soft, supple lips.

  • Beetroot moisturises dry skin

    Dry skin can be very frustrating, especially when it tests your patience in the winter months. Everyone knows the good properties of milk and honey on skin. But try this one extra step and get quicker results and beautifully moisturized facial skin. Mix a little bit of beetroot juice with honey and milk and apply it as a nice coating. Dry skin problem solved just like that!

  • Maintenance of optimum hemoglobin levels

    To ensure sufficient hemoglobin production, the body needs a good amount of Vitamin B12, folate and iron. Beetroot and hence its juice contains folate in plenty and a decent amount of iron. Thus, the juice can put a check on problems such as anemia that arise due to low hemoglobin levels.

  • Blood pressure under control

    High blood pressure can be detrimental to your overall health. It causes the blood vessels to get constricted, thereby restricting blood flow. Beetroot juice has been found to be effective in lowering blood pressure when it becomes very high. The nitrates in the juice expand the blood vessels to make the blood flow easier without increasing the pressure on the heart.

  • Improves Liver Function

    Beetroot juice contains an antioxidant named glutathione that protects the liver from damage. It also stimulates the regeneration of liver cells and improves the synthesis of fats within the liver.

  • Helps Prevent Cancer

    One of the most amazing health benefits of beetroot juice is preventing cancer. Recent studies have shown that beetroot juice exhibits anti-carcinogenic properties.
    Cancer cells react poorly to an elevated oxygen level, and beetroot juice helps in increasing the intake of oxygen by cells. Beetroot juice is alkaline in nature, which helps combat acidosis. Cancer cells thrive in acidic conditions, and ingesting beetroot juice creates a hostile environment for them. Beetroot’s anti-carcinogenic properties have also been attributed to the presence of a compound named betanin.

  • Improves Stamina

    Beetroot juice, when used as a supplement, can help boost stamina and improve athletic performance.Beetroot helps in better circulation of oxygen to the muscles, which results in improved stamina and better performance

  • Lowers Blood Pressure

    Several studies have shown that the consumption of beetroot juice significantly lowers blood pressure. This has been attributed to the fact that beetroot is rich in nitrates. Nitrates are important for our body because they breakdown to form nitrous oxide that is a vasodilator, which means that it helps in expanding the blood vessels to accommodate more blood flow and eases the pressure on your heart.

  • Helps Curing Arthritis

    Although large quantities of beet may hinder calcium absorption, beets help cure and prevent arthritis by dissolving accumulated deposits around joints and tissues. The high alkaline content of beetroot juice is what prompts the dissolution of these deposits.

  • Controls Diabetes

    Beetroots have alpha-lipoic acid, an antioxidant that lowers glucose levels and increases insulin sensitivity. It alleviates stress-induced changes in diabetics. Studies confirm that this antioxidant combats conditions like peripheral and autonomic neuropathy in diabetic people.

  • Wrinkle free and ageless skin with beetroot juice

    Once you cross over to the 30s, you start worrying about premature ageing and wrinkles. The antioxidants in beetroot help prevent premature ageing. So, drink beetroot juice regularly. Also, it helps maintain the elasticity in skin and hence prevents appearances of wrinkles.

    For those who are in 40s or over 40, and looking for a natural way to get rid of those ugly wrinkles, then beetroot juice is your answer. Just apply a nice and thick coat once or twice a week consistently and you will be a step closer to wrinkle free skin every day.

  • Offers Protection From Free Radical Damage

    This amazing powerhouse of strength and vitality also contains betalains or phytonutrients that have a good effect on our all-round health. Betalains give this vegetable its unique red color and are very rich in antioxidants. They are also good at detoxifying the whole body and fight inflammation. Two important phytonutrients in beetroot are betanin and vulgaxanthin, which protect the body from free radical damage by getting rid of the damaging toxins that enter our body through diet and air.

  • Works As A Body Cleanser

    Beetroot juice, when combined with carrot or cucumber juice, works wonders to cleanse your baby’s body from within. It also cleans important organs such as the kidneys and gall bladder.

Other Benefits Of Beetroot Juice

  1. Iron helps in the production of red blood cells in the body.
  2. Beetroot has foliates that help the synthesis of DNA in the cells.
  3. The fibers in beetroot are helpful in slowing down the conversion of fiber in glucose. Thus, it is very beneficial for people who have type-2 diabetes.
  4. Fiber is also helpful in reducing cholesterol.
  5. Nitrates present in beetroot widen the blood vessels which help in exercising in a better way. Thus, it is very important for athletes.
  6. Beetroot also has silica. Silica is helpful for strengthening hair and bones and even for maintaining a good and glowing skin.

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