Barbie dolls-Things You Didn't Know about Barbie or Barbie dolls

The beautiful Barbie doll has evolved from time to time and had over 150 inspirational careers. It is no surprise that Barbie doll is considered as the most beautiful, young, good looking and stunning beauty doll of the world. Can you believe that there are about 100000 people all over the world who has the hobby of collecting Barbie dolls.

Barbie doll was made by U.S toys company Mattel.Barbie doll was first exhibited during the New York Toys Fair in the year 1959, March 9.

What is her full name? Her full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. Barbie doll is named after the daughter of Mattel’s co-founders Ruth and Elliot Handler.


Amazing facts about Barbie doll

  • Did you know that it's a misconception that Barbie is from Malibu? According to an early episode of Crash Course: World History, she is actually a resident of the Indus Valley civilization from thousands of years ago. But according to Mattel, she's from Willows, Wisconsin, which is a made up town.
  • And Barbie didn't reach her peak until 1992. The best selling Barbie so far is the Totally Hair Barbie, which had hair down to the ground. Over 10 million were sold in 1992.
  • Ruth Handler, who created the Barbie doll, was inspired by a German doll from the '50s and '60s called Bild Lilli. The dolls were sold in places like tobacco shops and adult stores, because they were essentially gag gifts for events like bachelor parties. Mattel eventually acquired the rights to Bild Lilli, and now we have Barbies.
  • Barbie doll has never been married.
  • Barbie was co-designed by an engineer and professional missile designer named Jack Ryan, who was also married to Zsa Zsa Gabor; he was her sixth husband.
  • Barbie has never been pregnant but her best friend Midge has been pregnant.
  • Mattel Inc. was founded in 1945, but Barbie didn't debut until 1959; 351,000 of them were sold that year. Ken was introduced two years later, in 1961.
  • Barbie’s first pet was a horse named Dancer.
  • Even before Barbie came to be, Mattel was the first toy company with commercials directed toward children.
  • Barbie doll’s first car was a 1962 Austin Healy roadster.
  • Speaking of ads, years later many actresses had their first jobs in Barbie commercials, including Mila Kunis, Christina Applegate, and Maureen McCormick, who was Marsha Brady in The Brady Bunch.
  • Ken was introduced in 1961. He is two years and two days younger than Barbie.They have never been married.Ken and Barbie broke-up in 2004 on Valentine’s day.They have got separated after being in a relationship for over 43 years.Their relationship blossomed again in 2011 on Valentine’s day.
  • Barbie and Ken were named after real people—Ruth's children, Barbara and Kenneth Handler. So arguably, the most famous couple of all time are named for real life siblings.
  • The Barbie dolls were manufactured in Japan in the beginning. The clothes of these dolls have been hand stitched by workers of Japan.
  • Talking Barbies might seem more modern, but actually, the first Barbie who talked was released in 1968.
  • Barbie was a 17 year old teenage fashion model(This was her first career).
  • Blaine isn't Barbie's only forgotten companion; she's got a bunch of discarded family members, like her siblings Tutti and Todd and Krissy. Also her cousins Francie and Jazzie.
  • Every second two Barbie dolls are sold around the world which accounts to 172800 dolls in a day.So its true that more Barbie dolls are sold every year than babies are born.
  • And now that you know how many Barbies are sold, I'm sure you can only imagine the amount of Barbie clothes that are made annually. Mattel is actually one of the biggest clothing manufacturers in the world.
  • Barbie doll was banned in Saudi Arabia.
  • Mattel employs people whose only job is to design Barbies and their looks. According to one designer, once a design has been submitted, it might only take a year until that Barbie can be found on the shelves.
  • Bettina Dorfmann from Germany holds the Guinness record for having the biggest Barbie collection in the world.She has a collection of over 15000 dolls.She has even established a hospital by name Barbie Clinic to mend old Barbie dolls.
  • As you're probably aware, Barbie has been controversial at times. For instance, in 2014, the plotline of the Barbie book I Can Be A Computer Engineer went viral. In the book, Barbie designs a computer game, but requires the assistance of her male friends to actually do the coding. People accused the book of being sexist, for good reason, and it was discontinued.
  • Another controversy: In 2014, a study from Oregon State University was published which claimed that girls who played with Barbies believe that boys have more career options than girls. In the experiment, girls between the ages of 4 and 7 played with either some Barbies or a Mrs. Potato Head. Afterwards they were given a list of careers and asked if they could have that job in the future; they were also asked if boys could have that job. Girls who played with Barbies picked fewer careers for themselves than the girls who played with Mrs. Potato Head, although to be fair that could just be because Mrs. Potato Head is the greatest toy of all time.

    Long time Barbie supporter and Mental_Floss head writer Meredith would like me to say that she thinks Mrs. Potato Head is literally two-faced.

  • Meredith also wants me to mention that Barbie's had about 150 careers at this point, including astronaut, surgeon, firefighter, and many more.

  • There have also been multiple military Barbies. She's been in the Army, the Air Force, the Navy and the Marine Corps, and Mattel actually has the Pentagon approve Barbie's military outfits.

  • Although Barbie is often thought of as a blonde, the very first Barbie doll wore the doll's signature top-knot ponytail in either blonde or brunette, leaving it to every young lady's choice. And although the doll has countless outfits now, for Barbie's first time stepping out of the box, she wore this zebra-striped bathing suit.

  • One of Barbie's most controversial outfits was "Barbie Baby-Sits," which in 1963 was packaged along with accessories including a book called How to Lose Weight. Actual advice in the book told kids, "Don't eat!" Another controversial outfit came two years later when Barbie "Slumber Party" included a tiny pink scale that was stuck on Barbie's "ideal weight" of 110. Parents took issue with the unrealistic goal since at Barbie's supposed height of 5-foot-9-inches, that's a full 35 pounds underweight.

  • Speaking of the dreamhouse, it was announced in 2013 that Barbie would be selling her dreamhouse in Malibu. According to Mattel, the home was worth around $25 million, a bargain at Toys R' Us for $170. It was also announced that the cast of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing would be helping her sell the 8500 square foot home, which—I just want to emphasize this—is fictional.

  • You can catch original Barbies giving the new Barbie side-eye.The original Barbie doll was painted with a secretive side-eye, suggesting Barbie knew a fun secret. But in 1971, Barbie's design changed significantly when the doll was altered to instead face forward. Kids never looked at Barbie the same after that, literally.

  • The same designer who created Barbie was the brains behind Hot Wheels and Chatty Cathy.Inventor Jack Ryan designed Barbie in the 1950s while he was working at Mattel. He's also responsible for the mechanics of those Hot Wheels cars you shot up and down the driveway, as well as the Chatty Cathy doll that begged, "Please take me with you." The guy knew how to crank out popular toys.

  • There was an Andy Warhol Barbie doll. In the mid-'80s, Andy Warhol created a Barbie painting that ultimately sold at a Christie's auction in London for $1.1 million. Nearly 30 years later, in 2015 Barbie paid tribute to this iconic art moment by creating an Andy Warhol Barbie doll that sported all leather and the artist's shaggy white bob. It also came with accessories like paints, brushes, a palette and tiny Warhol paintings

  • Anyway, that was quite the upgrade from Barbie's first home which was released in 1962, it was a small, one room apartment. She moved to a townhouse in 1974.

  • An estimated 99 percent of girls in the United States between the ages of 3 and 10 own at least one Barbie and the average that girls 3 to 6 own is 12 Barbies.

  • Barbie isn't just popular in the U.S.—there are Barbies of around 50 nationalities that have been released.

  • And finally, more about Barbie's animal-friendly image. There have been two Barbies with the ability to clean up after dogs. There was the Barbie and Tanner playset, which came with the dog, Tanner, his poop, and a pooper-scooper; and there was also a Barbie potty training pup set in which the puppies actually peed on little newspapers

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