Interesting Facts About Education Around The World :

School and education aren't all that boring, you know. You learn a lot of cool things too. Like remember the time you made a working model of an exploding volcano? Or when you spent hours understanding electric circuits only to act all cool while making your nephew's model of a windmill? Well, it's not all that boring now, is it?

No matter how much we claim to hate school, or how many times we sing, 'We don't need no education,' the fact of the matter is that we pretty much do.

Here are some interesting facts about education from around the world which might just make you look at it with a new perspective. 

  1. The City Montessori School in Lucknow, India, is the largest school in the world in terms of number of students, with more than 32,000 students.
  2. The students in China receive the most homework in the world. At an average, teenagers do a whopping 14 hours of homework in a week. Consider yourself lucky, you didn't have to!
  3. Pakistan does not give children a legal right to free education. Only children between the ages of 5 and 9 are entitled to compulsory education.
  4. Summer vacations in Chile start from mid-December and end in early March. That's 3 whole months away from school. 
  5. France has the shortest school year from August to June and also the longest school day. 
  6. Children in Germany receive a special cone called Schultüte, which is filled with pens, pencils, books and snacks. 
  7. In Holland, children start school on the day they turn 4, which means that there's always someone new in the class. 
  8. World's oldest school is in Canterbury, England. The King's School, as it is named, was founded in 597 AD.
  9. Kids in Japan are the most independent of the lot. They travel to school alone, clean their own classrooms and even carry lunch.
  10. Turin has the smallest school in the world with only one pupil. Confused if we should be happy for the child or pity him/her?
  11. Kids in Finland do not start school until the age of 7, which is one of the oldest ages around the world to start school.
  12. Iran is one country where girls and boys are educated separately till the time they reach college. 
  13. In Kenya, it is not mandatory for children to go to school, but they mostly go anyway. Bless them!
  14. In Brazil, having meals with family is an important part of the culture, which is why schools start at 7 AM and are over by noon so that the kids can have lunch with their parents.
  15. World's highest school is situated in Phumachangtang, Tibet, at a height of 5,373 metres above sea level.

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