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You are the one who broke my heart,
You are the reason my world fell apart,
You are the one who made me cry,
yet I'm still in love with you 'n I dont know Why?

Heart Touching Lines By Broken Heart:

If It Was to Gift Me Silence
Why Did You Please Me With Hour Long Talks

If It Was to Push Me Back to Lonliness

If You Leave Someone At Least Tell Them

What's More Painful Than
Being Abandoned Is Knowing
You Are Not Worth An Explanation.. !!

A sad lines by Broken Heart-

"They say follow your Heart
When your Heart is in so many Pieces,
Which way are you to Follow?"

When people walk away from you, let them go.
Your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you,
it doesn't mean they are bad people.
It just means that their part in your story is over.. !

I am not sad because
It is Over
I am glad because It was once mine..!

I Woke Up This Morning

Just Befo' The Break Of Day.

I Was Bitter, Blue And Black, Lawd.

There Ain't Nothing Else To Say..

The world we knew
Won't come back
The time we've lost
Can't get back
The life we had
Will never be the same

I loved you once,
You loved me not,
I loved you twice,
But then i thought,
You dont love me,
And never will,
But even so,
I love you still..!!

I would climb the highest mountain.
I would swim the ocean blue
I would do anything at all my dear,
Just to get away from you.

Staying far never breaks relation,

Staying near never builds relation,

Its a link between hearts,

Which never allows us to forget each other.!!

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