Online marketing is the most competitive place to walk through.

Therefore SEO became the crucial need for any business to survive in this field. Whatever your business is, SEO will help you to grow your business and meet the objective.

Today millions of users search their query in the search engine, and the search engine serves them the answers or solutions to them.

SEO is the way to optimize your site that search engine can understand it better and therefore give you the higher place in the search result.

Every day there is a countless website set on the internet and thousands of them built with Joomla. Therefore SEO for Joomla is very much important.

So, you should ensure at least the very basic issues that your website is search engine friendly.

Best Ways to Improve SEO for Joomla:

Here is the list of Joomla SEO Tips. This Joomla SEO tips ensures the best optimization and make sure your Joomla website place on the top in the search result.

1. Enable Search Engine Friendly URLs:

In your Joomla administration area navigate to System -> Global Configuration. In the opening window, you will see an "SEO Settings" section.

From a few configuration options enable "Search Engine Friendly URLs".

This search engine friendly URL option is the setting that removes all the dynamically generated URL and replaces the URL with the alias of the menu item that you're using on the page.

2. Enable URL Rewriting:

The next option you will see at the next of the search engine friendly URL option is, "Use URL Rewriting". Now enable this option also. This setting will remove the /index.php/ from the URL.

3. Rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess:

As you enable URL rewriting option to make the URL's a whole lot more attractive than they start out, you should rename the htaccess.txt file to .htaccess

4. Improve Your Meta Description

A careful implementation of meta description and meta keywords have an enormously positive effect in SEO for Joomla. So, you should not ignore this section.

To go this way, just scroll down in the Global Configuration window and here you will see the section called "Metadata Settings".

Put your website's meta description and meta keywords in the desired field.

Your meta description should not more than 160 characters including space and punctuation and try to make it informative, compelling and concise.

And then select "Index, Follow" in the Robots option.

5. Optimize Robots.txt File & Optimize Your Images:

The purpose of a robots.txt file is to inform the search engine bot about the files that you don't want to index.

Joomla has automatically generated a robots.txt file at the time of installation. It includes a disallow rule for the images directory that is instructing the search engine not to index the image folder.

But you know images can generate a chunk of traffic from the search engine. That is why you should remove the following line from your robots.txt file.



Now your images will also index by the search engine bot.

6. Enable Gzip:

Navigate System -> Global Configuration.

In the opening window, select the "Server" tab and here you will see the "Server Settings" option. From the choices in this section enable "GZip Page Compression".

It is a good way to speed the load times of your site by compression the codes of your site.

7. Install a Good Sitemap:

The purpose of using a sitemap is to spell out the contents of your site and show the information to both search engine spider and users that where they will find their desired things.

A Joomla extension will help you to generate the XML and HTML sitemap for your site. You can use OSMap or JSitemap to go this way. Both of this plugins are lightweight, fast and robust.

8. Use one of Good Joomla SEO Extensions:

One of the good Joomla SEO extensions will make your life easier. With a third party solid Joomla SEO extension, it will be lot easier to implement the SEO settings. The following are the best free Joomla SEO extensions.

9. Submit to Webmaster Tools:

You must submit your sitemap to the Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster.

I am not going to delve the details of webmaster tools in here, just want to share that - if you want to monitor how you are doing in your SEO the Google Webmaster known as Google Search Console is an invaluable tool for you.

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