We Salute the Brave Souls of India
Bhagat Singh
Mahatma Gandhi
Sarojini Naidu and
Rabindranath Tagore
on This Republic Day

Rejoice In the Glory of India
and Its Freedom Fighters
on This Republic Day
We Wish You All
A Happy Republic Day Vande Mataram

Republic Day Is the Time to Recall
The Famous Vande Mataram
The Chant That Gave Us The Freedom
May The Indian Spirit Prosper Forever
To Remember Is To Cherish
Let Us Remember and Chant Vande Mataram

May the Prosperity and Love
Brought To Us by Our Freedom Fighters
Live Forever Wishing You and Everyone
with You a Happy and Prosperous Republic Day
May the Glory of India Live Forever

Vande Mataram

Come Let Us Celebrate The Proud Moment
Of The Republic Day And Remember
The Selfless Sacrifice Of Many Indians Before Us.
Let Us Unite Again
To Remember The Glorious Moment
Of Our Republic Day And
Relive The Sacrifice Of
Our Freedom Fighters

Vande Mataram
Happy Republic Day

This Is The Perfect Moment
To Pray For Our Beloved Country
By Heart In All The Three Colors
That Gives Us The Message Of Love.

Happy Republic Day!

As We Celebrate This Day,
Let Us Try To Inculcate
The Sense Of Honor And Pride In Our Children.
Let Us Make This Day
A True Sense Of Patriotism.
Happy Republic Day!


Never Be Concerned On The Hindranc
And Postponement Of Your Success
Judged Against Other People
Because The Building Of A Pyramid
Take A Longer Period Of Time Compared
To Normal Building.

Happy Republic Day!

Revolution Does Not Start
With The Rise Of Sun,
It Begin With The Rise Of Want Of Freedom
And With The Rise Of Self Pride.
Be Independent,
Be Indian.

Happy Republic Day

Today Is The Day When Everyone Or Old,
Tall Or Short,
Light Skin Or Dark Must Come Together
To Show The Whole World
That This Nation Is The Best Nation
Under The Sun.

Happy Republic Day.

When They Resisted The Booming
And Shelling Of The Colonial Guns,
Our Founder Fathers Wanted Nothing
But Sovereignty For This Nation,
Let Us Always Defend This Gift
From Our Predecessors.

Happy Republic Day.

To Improve Is To Change;
Being Perfect Is To Change Often.
Let’s Always Strive To Change
Often To Make Our Nation Progress.

Happy Republic Day

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