Every time I open my window to the morning
For d birds, the breeze, to d white stuff falling from d sky
I open my heart too
u do not go out?

When i don’t get ur sms,
I feel a little pain in my heart,
A smal tear in my eyes & sadnes falls on my face,
What is this?



Over acting yaar aur kya?

A very true msg:
“The taste of water can be enjoyed only when we r thirsty!”

Same way:
“The care of true persons will be known only when we r alone!”

Life is a touch & go
Some people will be there 4a while,
Some will go away,
People who find u special will always find ways to stay with u!

If u Regularly msg ur frnds
u Won’t Get any Response
But if U msg them from Unknown No. Everyone will Respond
people have time 4 Unknown but not 4 known :(

Girl- What is the proof that u miss me!

Boy- See my cheeks..
My mamma slapped me..
Bcoz i was smiling while sleeping..
Thinking of U

If a girl is not in love with any boy,
she is missing something in life!

If a boy is in love with a girl,
He’ll miss Everything in life..!!

I am not ur Heart, But I Miss u.
I am not ur Family, But I Care for u.
I am not ur Blood Relation..
I am ready to share ur Pain.
Bcoz I am ur FRIEND
As i look back in my life,
I remember tears I cried..
Jokes I laughed at,
Things lost & missed by
But there’s 1 thing I’ll never regret
Its d day JAB WE MET
A line said by a friend 2 his friend
after both got busy in their livz
didn’t contact each other
Missed ur smile a lot
I missed my own smile more
Never expect anything in return from anyone
But the truth is
when we really love someone,
we naturally expect a little care from them!

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