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SO TrUe!! 
Its Easier 2 Undrstnd sum1,
Its evn mre Easier 2 Misundrstnd Sum1,
d Most toughest Job is 2 Undrstnd dat U
Misundrstood Sum1..

A candle may melt 
and its fire may die,
but the love you have given me
will always stay as a flame in my heart.

"Where there is great love, there are always miracles."

I have liked many but loved very few.
Yet no-one has been as sweet as U.
I would stand and wait in the worlds longest queue.
Just for the pleasure of a moment with U

1 fairy gave me 3 wish & my wishes r
1- I want u.
2- I want to be with u.
3- I always want u for the whole life.

A lovely line 4 D person u love:
"I am not addicted to texting,
i am addicted to the person whom i'm texting"

wats cute feelin in love?
Girlfriend will b thinkin abt boyfriend N suddnly a SMS beeps frm her mobile saying-
"honey stop thinkin abt me.m gettin hickups..cute na...

Our heart behaves strange, our mind starts to stroll, they say it happens, when love calls..

Your voice shall not be silenced because it brings life to my heart, ur wings shall not be broken because their motion removes the cloud of darkness from my heart.

Every Heart has love & pain,
only the way of expression is different:
Girls hide it in their gorgeous eyes,
while boys hide it in their handsome smile....!!

Nvr get 2 atachd 2 any1 unles dey also feel d same 2wrds u,coz
1 sided expectations kil u 4m inside..n lead 2 nothin bt a brokn heart 4evr!

I breathe your love: it is my air,
My element, my world.
I know no other ambiance;
I have no other dream.

If some1 waits for you it doesn't mean dat they have nothing else to do.. 
It just means dat nthng else is more important than you
& that some1 is special 1 who loves you

I've fallen in love wid U & I'll never let U go. I love U more than any1, I just had 2 let you know. And if U ever wonder why, I don't know wat I'll say, but I'll never stop loving U, today, tomorrow & every day.

Sweet candies are nice to eat … 
Sweet words are easy to say …
but, sweet ppl are hard to find …
OH MY GOD! how did u find me?

you can show love to everyone but u can show anger to only who is close to you, 
so "anger" is always higher "love".

My past says u met me
My future says u wil care 4 me
My present says u wil understand me
But my heart says u wil
Always Remember ME!

Gud relation is not measured wen both take care of each other..
it is measured wen 1 ignores & d other still continous...!

Heart says to Eyes : See less, becoz u see and I suffer a lot ...
Eyes replied : Feel less, becoz u feel and I cry a lot

Every HEART has Love & Pain!
Only way of expression is different:
Girls hide it in their gorgeous eyes,
Boys hide it in their
handsome smile..

Wen some1 says u sorry,
dont think,
he/She alwys do mistk and then say sorry,
But observe,
some1 is still intrested to keep relation with u.

A Girl and her Boyfriend were texting after a sweet fight...
Boy : I never win :(
Girl : Now thats a lie!
Boy : How??
Girl : b'coz you won my heart my :)

"A true saying"
Anythng is valuable only in 2 situations;
FIRST-before getting it,
SECOND-after losing it.So take care of every little thing in ur lyf..

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