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BF msg 2 his Gf:
Baby Sorry 2 Disturb u.
can u send Me Ur Photo?
Its Urgent
Serious matter

“we r playing cardS & Ive Lost my Queen”

If Girl In Luv,
Hr Parents Ask:
Who Is Dat Idiot?
If Boy In Luv,
His Parents Ask:
Idiot, Who Is Dat Girl?
No Matter
Whoevr In Luv,
Boyz R Always Idiots...

D Most Romantic Story Is Not
Romeo & Juliet, Who Died Together
Bt Me & U, Who Will Grow Old Together

Love is friendship set on fire.
Absolute hearty desire

Don‘t keep me in ur eyes i may fall as a
keep me in ur
so that every beat reminds u that there is a some one who is always Care 4 U

Measured by miles,
U R away from me.
Measured by thoughts,
U R closer to me.
measured by heart beat,
"U are in me .'

Best Catching Line
I Dont Think Dat
U R Beautiful.
I M Not In Love Wid U.
I M Afraid Dat
All These Might Happen

Morning, afternoon, night
today, tomorrow and forever
all i need and want is you.
I love you!

Widout u my days r "Sadday,"Moanday, "Tearsday, "Wasteday, "Thirstday, "Fightday", and "Shatterday"

It takes half of our life to find true love,
And half to keep them.

I Luv U,
I Luv U,
I Luv U,
Hey! Dont Get Excited
I Luv Other Alphabets Too
V, W, X, Y, Z !

Two Butterflies Were In Luv.

1 Day Dey Decided 2 Play Hide & Seek
Dey Fixed A Flowr & Decided Dat 2morrow
1 Who Will Come 1st
& Sit On Dis Flowr Will Luv
D Othr More.

An Easiest Way 2 Die

1- Hv A Cigaratte Daily
Die 10 Yrs Early
2- Hv Drink Daily
Die 30 Yrs Early
3-Bt Luv Sm1
Die Daily

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