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Each Day Wid Sm1 New,
Id Look & Nevr Find Anothr U
D World Is Full Of Ppl,
I Know Its True,
Yet No 1 Cud Evr Equal
Wat Ive Found In U!!

Luv Is Butiful..
Bcoz Its A Feeling
Which Cntrolld By D Hrt.
Bt Frndship Is Vry Vry Butiful
Bcoz Its A Feeling
Dat Controls D Hrt.

Luv is Special, Luv is Rare.
Luv is made 4 2 Share.

Luv is Gentle, Luv is Blind,
Luv begins wen 2 Hearts combine!

We Dont Succeed In Our 1st Luv!
Bcoz We Lack Certain Qualites.
After Achieving Those Qualities,
We Never Luv Again!

Relation Is…

When Sm1 Hurts U
U Dnt Hurt Back..

Wen Sm1 Shouts At U
U Dont Shout Back
Wen Sm1 Needs U
U Always Come Back…..

I might not say it often
bt I want u to know
dat dere is nothing more spcl 2 me
in dis world
Den having u by my side
thinking of U

My Silence Dosent Mean
My Disappearence Dosent Mean
Coz U R Mine
U Will Alwys B In My DEEP HRT

Age Does Not Protect u From Luv
Bt Luv
To Sm Extent
Protects U From Age
True Luv Can Be Delayed
Bt Not Denied

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