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I dnt know where I stand wid U
& I dnt know what I mean 2 U
but all I know is everytime I think of U,
all I wanna do is be wid U all life.

1 Of D Best Love Quote Ever Said:
I Have Written Her Name
On My Heart
Because God Didn't Write Her Name
In My Destiny.

If some1 would ask me wat a Beautiful life means.
I would lean on ur shoulder and hold U close 2 me,
and answer..."Like this!!!".

I wanna be remembered as the boy who always smiled.
the one who could always brighten your day.
even if he couldnt brighten her own

Bohut dur ho mager bahut pass rahty ho…
Aankhon se dur sahi…
Mager dil ka pass rehty ho…
Mujhe bas itna batao …
Kya tum bi mera bina udas rehty h

Aaj Sath Hai Kaal Naa Jaane Kiya Hoga....
Tuhi Faisla Kar Aage Kiya Rishta Hoga....
Intezar Roz Karta Hu Me,
Bas Haa Kar De Phir Dekh Kiya Sama Hoga...

Ruthi jo jindgi to mana lenge hum,
mile jo gum to seh lenge hum bus aap
rahna saath humare aasuo me bhi muskura lenge.

Puchho Mere Dil Se , Tumhe Paigam Likhta Hu
Sath Gujri Bate Tamam Likhta Hu
Diwani Ho Jati Hai Wo Kalam Bhi
Jis Kalam Se Tumhara Naam Likhta Hun…

khuda k baad tera naam liya maine,
kya pata tujhe kitna yaad kiya maine,
kash sun sakte tum dhadkene meri…
har saans ko tere naam se jiya maine…

Today i am sleeping with 2 wishes .
1- That 2omorow i again make u myn
2- If i fail then god next day when i sleep and then i never want to gett up........and dont want to see next day morning
god plz help me to make my wishes fullfill.

Eyes speak more when a heart starts listening to someone silently....
And life becomes more exciting when someone reads your eyes silently....

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