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Na Rahi Aaj Wo Apni Kahani
Na Wo Hasin Din
Na Wo Raate Suhani
Phir B Hume Aziz Hai Unki Har Nishani
Chahe Dil Ka Wo Dard Ho ya Ankho Ka Pani

U cant wrap love in a box,
But u can wrap a person in a hug..
A hug delights, Warms & Charms..
Dat must b y God gave us arms..

Don't search 4 eyes which never want2 see u..
But never try to escape from D eyes which r always searching 4 u

Love is beautiful like butterfly!
Wen u try to catch it, it flies away..
But wen u wait silently, it comes & touches u..
So wait for ur butterfly!

Love Application 4 U to my Girlfriend
Ownr Of My Hrt & My Life
I Beg To Say Dat I Luv U & I Cant Live Widout U
So, Kindly Give Me Sm Place In ur Hrt
I Shall B Vry Glad 2 U

Boy to moon : Why my
Girlfriend loves a rose
which dies in a day &
doesn't Luv me when I die
for her everyday?
Moon 2 Boy: Send this SMS
to Urs Girlfriend

We cannot be together,
But we'll never b apart,
4 no matter wat life brings us,
U R always in my heart.

Bikhre riston ko koi rup de do, khilte phulo ko thodi se dhup de do, tmhari yad aa rhi thi to sms kiya hmne, tm bhi hmari yad ane ka koi sabut de do

Tell your love tale running in heart of intense feeling and attachment by English love sms. Let the sweetheart know your sweetest feeling running in your heart through love sms english.

insan pyar krne k liye hote h,or cheze istemaal krne k liye...
pr dukh to tb hota h jb log chezo se pyar or insano ko istemal krte h.

Palko ke kinare jo hmne bhigoye hi nhi,
Wo sochte hai hm roye hi nhi,
Wo puchte hai khawabo mai kise dekhte ho,
Hm hai ek umar se soye hi nhi.

Na kiya Pyar tmse kisi k kehne se,
Na joda rishta hmne tmse ashko ke bahne se,
Hmne dekha tmhare dil ko,
Or PYAR kiya apne dil ke kehne se.

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