pyar k liye dil,
dil k liye app,
app k liye hum,
humaray liye app!!

Log har manzil ko mushkil samajhte hai, ham har mushkil ko manzil
hai. Bada fark hai log aur hamare nazarie me, log dil ko dard aur ham
dard ko
dil samajhte hai

dil ko dhadkana aapne sikhaya,
ankhon ko rulana apne sikhaya,
kaise kare bewafai aapse,
pyar karna bhi apne sikhaya...

yeh bhi adab hamare hai tumhe kya maloom,
hum tumhe jeet kar haare hai tumhe kya maloom,
ek tum ho ke samajhte nahi humko apna,
ek hum hai ke tumhare hai tumhe kya maloom....

Love Two People In This World The Most:-
:-)1) The One Who Has Given Birth To You.
:-)2) The One Who Has Taken Birth Just For You...

Respect The Emotions In Someone's Heart,
Rather Than
The Expressions On Someone's Face
Expression is just a Formality
Emotions are Reality.

A dead boy was taken 2 Heaven
God was shocked 2 see his hrt beating.
Boy: Only I’m dead but my girlfriend still alives in my hrt.
God: smiled and d boy sent to earth again.

R-for Rose
Rose-for Red
Red-for Blood
Blood-for Heart
Heart- for Love
Love- for You
You- are my loveable friend...

My Heart is lyk a Book..
It depends on hw u read me.
Dont Judge me by my cover.
Look inside and discover
you will be one of my Golden pages..

If u have 1000 years of age, 
I just want to hv 999 years & 364 days,
so I never hv to live a day widout u..

Among ur friends, i care 4 u d most

Among ur friends, i luv u d most

Among ur friends, u hurt me d most coz

i know dat, all i'm to u is among ur friends

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