I am simply tired of missing you. I just want you right here by my side.

I’m a PAPER,
u cn write ur felings,
scrible ur angr,
use me 2 absorb tears.
Don’t thrw me after use bt
v n u feel cold burn me
to feel warm cause I Luv u...

Great Words By Dead Luvr 
I Would Hv Been Alive ..
If u Hd Given Me D
Rose Before Rather
Dn Keeping It On My
Grave .

Height Of Over Love:
A Boy Doesnt Chat Wid His Girl Friend
Coz He Feels Dat Her Hand
Might Pain While Typing D Text..

Ur luv whispers 2 me
in tender brown tones
wid D voice of what's lasting & true...
Always telling my heart I'm where I belong-
right here, in love, wid u.

If U Fight Wid Ur Luvd 1s Just Put,
Aside Ur Ego,
Just Hug Each Othr & Say..
I Need U Idiot
Atleast To Fight AGAIN

Tumhi to manzil humari
Ankhon basi hai khwab tumhari
Zinda hai hum tere pyaar ke sahare
Tunhi to ho kismat humari…

Dil ki awaj se nagme badal jate hai,
Sath na de to apne badal jate hai,
Palke bhi jara samhal ke jhapkana kyuki,
Palke jhapkane se sapne badal jate hai…

I am lucky to spend less than half in finding U
And the rest of my life to be spent in keeping U in my heart.

Once Man Asked God
Wats The Difference b/w Ur Luv & My Luv
God Said:
Bird In The Air Is My Luv
Bird In The Cage Is Ur Luv

Ajeeb lagti hai sham kabhi kabhi..
Zindagi lagti hai bejan kabhi kabhi..
Samajh mai aaye to humein bhi batana k..
Kyun kerti hain yaadein preshaan kabhi kabhi..

We Asked Wat Is Luv?
A GIRL Gave Dis Cute Reply:
Luv Is When Ur Puppy Licks Ur Face
Evn After u Left Him Alone All Day

At Morning D Male Butterfly Came Very Early
& Waited 4 D Flowr 2 Open
Wen D Flowr Opened
He Was Shocked 2 See Dat
D Female Butterfly Had Died Inside It
Bcoz She Was Waiting Since Last Night
2 Tell Him How Much She Luv Him

Roses r red, violets r blue, sugar is sweet, & so r u.
Bt d roses r wilting, d violets r dead, d sugar bowl’s empty & so is ur head.

Road has Speed LIMIT;
Bank has Money LIMIT;
Exam has Time LIMIT;
Building has Height LIMIT;
But Love has NO LIMIT!

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