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Since your eyes are looking tired,
Let your eye lashes hug each other for few hours,
Happy journey into the world of dreams,
sweet dreams

Sorry, I am very sleepy,
If there is any smelling mintake,
Ten plz carrot it n read.
Plz dont hisstake me! gud fight.
Just for bun !! sweat dance

Nature has given you a face to provide expression.
But always be careful, our one expression will leave an impression in some one's heart!
Good night!

If you feel little bored, little sick, little sad, all lost,
You know wats wrong?
You r suffering from lack of multi vitamins good night.

Wen d night comes, Luk at the sky
If u c a falling star, Dont wonder y.
Jst make a wish, Trst me, It’ll come true
Coz I did n I found u…
G’night… sweeet dreams

I made a list of special peple in my life with pncil.
Bt when I reached ur name, I usd pen.
Bcz I'm sure, I'll nver hv 2 change.
U r always special..for ny8

Wash ur face nd wash ur feet!
Now its tym 2 go 2 sleep
ur eyes r weak n mouth can't speak
Hope this night will b nice nd sweet.
Good Night!

Darkness is evrywhere,
The birds r back there home,
Road r quite
Evrybody is sleeping,
Bt im not, U know y?
Just wanted 2 say u
Good Night

One day DREAM asked LIFE: Wen ll we all come true?
LIFE smiled & replied: Never !!
Bcoz the Day all of U come true,
I ll loose my meaning. :-)

Gud n8t.

You are d reason,
why I have sleepless nights.
You are the reason why,
I tend 2 hold my pillow tight.
n U are d reason,
I can’t sleep without saying Goodnight..

When Night are long n Friends are few,
I sit by my Window n think of u.
a silent whisper a silent tear.
with all my Heart i wish you were here.
Good night !!

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