Once the moon winks at u tonight,
I wish sweet dreams embraceyou tight.
Hope your day was quite all right N now I bid u alovely Good Night.

Now 4.7 millions people r going to sleep
...2.5 millionsr dreaming..
1.3 millions r watching Tv..
But one cute heartis reading my sweet SMS...
good night

A very original good night wish only for u beware of cheap duplicates I m the only authorized dealer for good night wishes. Good night, Sweet dreams

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good night

Good Night Kiss 4 U

....(" >< ")
__(.. ) (. .)_
...../_\ /_\

Sweet Dreams....

I wish that God would hold u tite. i hope that angels will
keep u in site. Now just2make sure u feel all rite, i"m
gonna wish u a wonderful nite! sleep tite!!

If I could hve just 1 wish, I would wish 2 wake up everyday
2 D sound of ur breath on my neck, D warmth of ur lips on my cheek,
D touch of ur fingers on my skin, & D feel of ur heart beating wid mine...
Knowing that I could never find that feeling wid any1 other than U.

Happy Ninny (Ø_Ø)
Good Night
Sweet Dream
Take Care
Ab Kya..?
Lo Yeh Bhi Sun Lo.
Lalla Lalla Lori
Dudh Ki Katori
Bas Khush Ab So Jao.
Good Night.

welcome to radio BED FM, this is DJ bedsheet hanging out with DJ pillow,
for now i'll play u song called sleep tight sweetdreamz from album Good Night..

Tiredness draws across the mind,
Making the body fade flexibility,
And soon windows of soul begin 2 close,
N enter the dreamland!!
Sweet dream, Gud Nite...

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