We always Work for a Better Tomorrow.. But When Tomorrow Comes, Instead of Enjoying, We Again Think of a Better Tomorrow! Let's Hve a Better Today...

GØØD Morning! GØØD Morning!

The sun is up and shining bright.

Boy, I wish I was still in bed,

With my eyes closed tight!

Have a great day!


,_o/' Pleasant

. .'l Morning!



Coz every

new day brings

new Life....

new blessings....

new hope!

New apportunity

Have a nice day! GUD-MORNING!

a nice Girlfriend

“nice morning”..

4 a sweet Girlfriend

“sweet morning”

4 a loving Girlfriend

“lovely morning”

4 a cute Girlfriend


»-(¯`·.·´¯)->“GooD MorninG”<-(¯`·.·´¯)-«

Don't mix ur words wid ur Mood

coz u have many options 2 change ur mood

bt u nevr get any option 2 replace ur spoken words..

Good Morning.


bt bcoz each time de FALL,

never fail 2 RISE AGAIN!

Wish u da same! GM

A Truely Nice Message for Life:

"Care should b in Heart and not in Words".

"Anger should b in Words and not in Heart"..!

Good morning . 

Happiness keeps U sweet

trials make U strong

sorrows keep U human

failure make U humble

success keeps U glowing &

God keeps U going

Good morning 

Once in life do fall in love,

not necessarily wit a person

but with an idea

a dream

N ambition!

More often it'll b a reason 2

wake up with a smile.

Good Morng !

B-egin ur day with

L-ove in ur heart...

E-ver Smiling...

S-hare goodness

S-hine like d sun

I-nspire some1...

N-ever 4get that

G-OD is with U.

Good Morning !!

With a great light of sun

With the songs of birds

With the great God

With the happiness

With a great smile

And with the morning prayer

Have a nice day

The ocean is huge,

but We get as much water as our hands can hold..

God's blessings r infinite,

but We get as much as our belief can accept..

Emotions dont have words,

Wishes dont have scripts,

If u smile, world is with u,

Otherwise even a drop of tear doesn't like to stay with u..

So keep smiling!!

Every day,

Every where,

Every time,

I may not b with u but

my thinking,

my care,

my msgs,

my prayers,


my lovely wishes will b always with u..


Morning is a special gift

from ”God” after a restful sleep,

its a new chance 2do better nd try again

where we failed b4.

Enjoy Good Morning !

Every new day is a new chapter of life,

Bringing newtopics,

New moments 4 life

I wish 2day all the gud moments approch.......


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