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Coffee Coffee Coffee
Coffee Coffee Coffee
Coffee Coffee Coffee
You are Selected to
Work in the "Railway Station"

MBA student hugs a girl
Girl: what is dis ?
Boy: direct marketing
Girl: slaps a boy
Boy: what is dis ?? .
Girl: customer's feedback

Ultimate insult..
I Iove your smile becoz..
My most favorite colour is "YELLOW"!!

A rabbit runs, jumps and lives only for 15 years!

A turtle doesn't run,does nothing,yet lives for 300 or more years!



Rule-1: Ur FRND "Sandy" is always right.

Rule2: whenever u feel
"Sandy" is wrong, slap urself & read rule no.1 again..

If a Single Teacher Can't Teach All d Subjects,

Then How Can U Expect a Single Student to Learn All Subjects?

Think Hatke!

story: once a boy was smoking at airport.

Girl asked:1 din me kitne cigrete peete ho.?
Girl: Agar ab tak zindagi mein cirgrete pe kharch kiye huye paise bachate to samne khari hui car tmhari hoti...
Boy: Ap cigrate peeti hai..?
Girl: No.
Boy: To kya wo car apki hai..?
Girl: No.
Boy: Thanks for advice,
Wo car meri he hai...

MORAL: zyada lecture dene se bezti bhi ho jati hai ..

Height of Job satisfaction-
A boy got a job in girls hostel...
After 2 months owner asked: Y u don't come 2 take ur salary?
Boy: KYA..?
salary bhi milegi..!

2 bachay jungle me potti kar rhe thay,achanak sher agaya

1st: chotu tu dar to nahi raha?

2nd: nahi,main nahi darta

1st: to phir apni dho meri Q dho raha hai??

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