The Spirit Of Christmas
Is All About Fun,
Love Joy Reminding Us
That Christianity Is Deeply Rooted
To Christ Share Your Love
With The Less Fortunate
During This Christmas EveMoving Between The Legs Of Tables And Of Chairs,
Rising Or Falling, Grasping At Kisses And Toys,
Advancing Boldly, Sudden To Take Alarm,
Retreating To The Corner Of Arm And Knee,
Eager To Be Reassured,
Taking Pleasure In The Fragrant Brilliance Of The Christmas Tree.

The Birth Of Christ Shows
That Gods Love Is Deepest Descent
And Eternal May You Live Long Life
And Christmas Season
Will Come In Your Life
A Thousand Times Happy Christmas

On This Christmas,
Every Morning I Pray To God
To Give You Smiles As Gift.
This Smile Is From My Side
On Christmas Completely Wrapped
With My Good Wishes

May Almighty God Shower You
With His Love
During This Christmas
And Meet All Your Needs
And Elevate You Higher

Happy Christmas

In Order To Awaken The Midnight Sky,
A Savior’s Birth, And Peace On Earth
A Song Was Heard Echoing At Christmas Period.
I Wish You A Merry Christmas
As Its Miraculous Effects
Fill Your Soul With Its Love.

Happy Christmas

The Earth Has Grown Old
With Its Burden Of Care,
But At Christmas It Always Is Young,
The Heart Of The Jewel Burns Lustrous And Fair,
And Its Soul Full Of Music Breaks The Air,
When The Song Of Angels Is Sung.

Merry Christmas

I Want You To Get A Cartful Of Chocolates
And Special Wishes From My Side.
Since Santa Is A Bit Busy This Year,
I Thought Maybe I Can Do It Myself!

Merry Christmas!

Here Comes Santa Clause
And His Merry Elf’s With
8 Tiny Reindeer And A Sleigh Bringing
Toys To Children Of All Ages.
The Children Snuggle In At Nigh
To Make Sure That Santa Comes In At Night.
The Ringing Of The Bells
And The Clamper Of Hoofs
Is What Children Listen
For On Christmas Night.

A New Born King To See …
Pa – Rum,
Pa , Pum …
Being A Holy Christmas
And It Is Useful For You And Your Family .
May The Spirit Of Christmas Kingdom
In The Hearts Forever.

Happy Christmas




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