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I'm not rebellious.. I'm just being liberal
I'm not stubborn.. I'm just being opiniated
I'm not a burden.. I'm a responsibility
I'm not rude.. I'm just defending my rights
I'm not a snob.. I'm just happy with my achievements
I'm not useless.. I have potential
I'm not stupid.. I'm only being realistic
I'm not difficult.. I'm just overwhelmed
I'm not an idiot.. I'm an individual
I'm not a fool.. I have different thoughts
I'm not a parasite.. I am independant
I'm not a follower.. I'm a leader
I'm not self-centred.. I want to be heard
I'm not being egoistic.. I'm preserving my dignity
I'm not indifferent.. I don't reveal my emotions
I'm not irrational.. I've already planned in advance
I'm not weak.. I fail, learn and persevere
I'm not a child.. I have matured
I don't like to be pushed around.. I hate to fall
I don't like to be controlled.. I want to be in control of myself
Don't turn your back on me.. I won't be ignored
Don't tell me to change myself.. I am who I am!!!

One Of The Great Lesson I got from My Life
There Is No Market Of Your Emotions.
So Never Advertise Your Feelings Just
Display Your Attitude

Someone told me-
you hav an atitude.

I smiled & answer-
no, actualy I only hav that personality which can’t b handled by evry one.

My attitude.:
‘i dOnT crY foR aNyBoDy b’coS theY r noT fiT foR mY tEaRs’…
‘thE onE whO iS fiT foR mY teaRs will nT alLoW mE tO crY’!!

Wht is an attitude..
A girl proposed a boy..
Boy said : "I will not accept ur proposal but I salute ur choice..!!"

My simple attitude....

M not single...
neither M committed...

M simply on reserve...
for d one who deserve...

My Cute Attitude:-
I Never Expect Others To Remember Me.!
But I Always Drop My Msgs Into Their Inbox To Show "I Still Love To Remember Dem".

I know some people hate me
b’coz I am too bad..
But few people surely love me
b’coz they know
that my little goodness and that is not fake!

Best Atitude 2wards lyf:

“Yes,I hav made lots of mistakes in my Lyf.!
Lyf does’nt come wit User’s Manual”

My lyf My way My rules’

They laugh at me because im different.
I laugh at them because they’re all the same.

Awsum Self Respect Lines:
If its goin 2 b hard for ppl to choose betwn me & sumone/sumthng else,
I wud allow thm 2 choose the othr one coz i'm nt an option..